Kilowatt cost freezes until December: Minenergy

A new relief measure for users of the electric energy service in the country announced by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, since authorized to freeze the kilowatt hour value until December of this year.

This was established in Resolution 152 of the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (Creg), issued in the framework of the emergency by COVID-19.

“Colombian families are at the center of our emergency response policy of COVID-19 and that is why, from the first moment, we have generated different reliefs so that they continue to have public energy and gas services, essential in our daily life “Assured the Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa.

Clarified that The fact that the value of the kilowatt cannot rise does not mean that there cannot be increases in electric energy bills associated with higher consumption. or other charges not related to this service.

Further, The Creg also granted two additional months of grace for residential users in strata 1 to 4 to make the first payment of each electric energy and fuel gas bill for networks that have deferred during the coronavirus pandemic emergency. This means that in total they have a grace period of 4 months.

In this way, in August the first installment of the receipts corresponding to the April billing cycle will be charged, in September the first installment of the May cycle, in October the first installment of the June cycle and in November the first installment of the July cycle.

It should be noted that users of strata 1 and 2 could defer up to 36 months the cost of basic or subsistence consumption that is not subsidized, without additional charge. While those in stratum 3 and 4 had the option of making this deferral within 24 months, with a preferential rate.

Actually, more than 12 million families, representing 85% of all residential users in the country, receive subsidies for electricity service. In stratum 1 this benefit covers 60% of subsistence consumption, 50% for stratum 2 and 15% of subsistence consumption for stratum 3.

In fuel gas through networks, residential users of stratum 1 receive a subsidy of up to 60%, while for those of stratum 2 the benefit is up to 50%.


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