Kim and Kanye’s Divorce: Insights into the Final Hours of Their Marriage

Rumors had already risen last summer that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage would hang by a thread. Then, a few weeks ago, gossip magazines reported that Kardashian was quietly preparing for a divorce. Officially, however, the former dream couple is said to have tried to save their stumbling marriage. Obviously in vain. Like the TV station Fox News reported on Friday, Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wasser submitted the divorce papers to the relevant authorities. Kardashian’s spokesman confirmed the report shortly after, without giving any further information.

Kim Kardashian “sad but relieved”

Nevertheless, details about the final decision of the reality star and the rapper are now leaked to the public. According to reports, the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce, after seven years of marriage, “was decided quickly” because the estranged couple “basically wanted the same thing” – according to them Daily Mail.

Kardashian is said to be “sad but relieved” at the divorce proceedings that have now begun. She is “finally ready to move on” after giving “plenty of time” to save her marriage.

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