Kim Ha-young, there is another car like this, anger… what happened

Photo = Actor Kim Ha-young SNS

Actress Kim Ha-young was angry at a car parked without consideration for the residents.

According to the related industry on the 23rd, Kim Ha-young said to her social network service (SNS) the day before, “I still do too much to take out the car and then put it back on again. May the world live together” along with a photo. In the photo, a vehicle that invades the next lane and occupies a wide parking space is included.

He complained, “I understand that the car is big and Muncock is concerned, but please be a little more careful because there are fewer parking spaces than the number of households. It’s hard for everyone.”

Earlier, on the 16th, Kim Ha-young said, “There is another car like this in the basement. I can’t park it now.”

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