Kim Jong-in “At the moment, Yoon Seok-yeol has the upper hand, there seems to be no big change… Won Hee-ryong is well-coordinated in the discussion”

picture explanationKim Dong-yeon (left), former Deputy Prime Minister of Economy, and Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the Emergency Response Committee for People’s Power, shake hands before a breakfast meeting at a restaurant in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 12th. [이승환 기자]

While the People’s Power presidential candidate was elected on November 5, former People’s Power Emergency Response Committee Chairman Kim Jong-in said on the 12th that “Currently, I think that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol has the upper hand.”

Former Chairman Kim made this statement after meeting with reporters after a breakfast meeting with former Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yeon, the presidential candidate, on the same day.

To a reporter’s question about predicting the future presidential election of the people’s power, he replied, “It is difficult to predict in advance, but there will be no major surprises in the first and second (preliminary) primary elections.”

Regarding ‘Kingmaker Role Theory’, he said, “I can’t make a decision until I’m convinced myself.” To the question ‘Is there no candidate yet?’, he answered “yes”.

Regarding former Jeju governor Won Hee-ryong’s ‘advance to the quarterfinals’, he said, “He was a person who had prepared for the presidential election in the past, and the discussion process this time was also the most coherent in my opinion.”

On the other hand, about the background of meeting former Deputy Prime Minister Kim on this day, he said, “We have been interacting for a long time.” “Recently, he himself has decided to enter the presidential election, and he seems to be working hard to even establish the foundation. So, I have some things to discuss today. I said it would be nice to see them once (meeted),” he said.

Regarding the founding of the new party by former Deputy Prime Minister Kim, he said, “I heard a story about whether the founding preparatory committee (Chang Jun-wi) would be launched on the 24th of this month and then go to the founding.”

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