Kim Jong-un: Why did pictures of the North Korean leader cause “concern” among his countrymen?

  • Alistair Coleman
  • Media Follow-up Section

photo released, EPA / KCNA

comment on the photo,

The Korean Central News Agency published a picture of leader Kim Jong Un during his party meeting on June 18, 2021.

North Korea has released a video clip of one of its citizens expressing concern about leader Kim Jong Un’s weight loss.

The health of the North Korean leader is usually considered an undisputed issue in this country, and the way his image is conveyed strictly by the state media.

And the country’s main TV channel broadcast a video clip in which leader Kim looks lighter than he has been in recent years.

Rumors circulated about the North Korean leader’s health during his decade in power, but these rumors are rarely acknowledged by the country’s notoriously secretive government.

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