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Now what Kim Kardashian he has filed for divorce from Kanye West and some details of the separation are known, such as that they have reached a agreement on the custody of their four children, It has begun to speculate about what will happen to the goods that the couple shared in the six years of relationship: specifically with the expensive rings that the rapper gave to the businesswoman.

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In October 2013, for Kim Kardashian’s birthday, the rapper rented the stadium from baseball of the Giants from San Francisco to ask for your hand. At that moment, Kanye West presented him with a 15 karat ring that he himself had designed with the famous designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Of course, Kanye West did not spare any expense with this alliance, valued between 2 and 4 million dollars and that Kim Kardashian wore at her wedding in Italy in 2014. It should be remembered that the famous socialite has received two rings of the singer’s engagement, although the second was stolen in Paris.

The 20 carat diamond ring that Kanye West gave her in 2016 (Photo: Kim Kardashian | Instagram)

Still, Kanye West thought that the jewel was not enough for his partner and in 2016 he gave her an “improved” version of the ring of compromise. Also in collaboration with the renowned jeweler Schwartz, they created a larger piece than the previous one, now with a 20 carat diamond.

Unfortunately, this ring was stolen from Kardashian in Paris that same year, when the beauty businesswoman suffered a robbery in a hotel in which he feared for his life. Since then, Kim has not worn her most valuable jewels so cheerfully or flaunted them on social media.

It is presumed that the millionaire couple has a prenuptial agreement that indicates which patrimony each one of them will keep. It was also recalled that Kris Humphries, the NBA player and first husband of Kim Kardashian, kept the engagement ring. Then he auctioned it off for a charitable cause.


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