Kim Wan-seon, the reason for the 0 cause of settlement for 13 years… “My aunt stole 130 billion won”

Reporter Ha Su-min of Money Today | 2023.02.11 11:37

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Singer Kim Wan-seon revealed the story of not receiving a single penny for 13 years after his debut. Not only did her aunt steal about 130 billion won in profits, but she was also known to have been ‘gaslighting’ Kim Wan-seon, which shocked her.

On the Channel A entertainment show ‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Side Counseling Center’, which aired on the 10th, Kim Wan-sun confessed her wounds.

On this day, Kim Wan-sun agreed with Dr. Oh Eun-young’s analysis of herself, saying, “I think negatively about myself,” and mentioned her biological aunt, the late Han Baek-hee, who lived with her as a producer and manager for 13 years.

Kim Wan-seon said, “My aunt was a great manager. She was in charge of my training and production. But I was too young at that time, and I was like a robot making money just doing what my aunt told me to do. In my mind, from the debut to the present, I thought I had done I never had a job. I worked without feeling rewarding. I thought that it was my aunt’s life, not my life.”

Kim Wan-seon also confessed that he had never been paid by his aunt even though he worked non-stop for 13 years. In the past, Kim Wan-sun shocked his aunt, who was in charge of his management, by revealing that he had not received a single penny of the proceeds from 1986 to 1998.

/Photo=Channel A entertainment ‘Oh Eun-young’s golden counseling center’ screen capture

Even on the show that day, he said, “I work all day, but there is no money. There was no settlement. Even after paying off the initial investment, there was still a problem with the settlement. Still, I did not say a word to my aunt about the settlement problem.”

Kim Wan-seon’s younger brother, who appeared together, also said, “My mother also went to her aunt to find her sister’s share. But the aunt showed me a bankbook in her sister’s name. That’s why my mother believed her. At that time, there was no real name system. So after reassuring my mother by showing her bankbook, she took it all away.”

Dr. Oh wondered, “What did my aunt do with that much money?” Kim Wan-sun said, “She was brought and written by her aunt’s husband. She seems to have to meet her spouse well,” and said, “She passed away in 2006.”

Surprised by the sisters’ story, Jeong Hyeong-don said, “Isn’t this enough that you’ve been gaslighted?”

Dr. Oh continued, “I thoroughly blocked my family and close people, strengthened my control with circumstances, and made them come under excessive control. It is correct to see it as a kind of psychological control. The prerequisite for psychological control is to fight with love. Don’t know. I can’t. That’s why it’s not as easy as I thought to escape.”

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