Kim Yong-min at the Han Dong-hoon hearing ‘Democracy’s defeat’ “the amount of news reported is less than that of the country”

At the hearing of the Justice Minister candidate Han Dong-hoon, members of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Korea raised the theory of media responsibility, saying, “There was less coverage during the homeland crisis, and there were many reports of defending one candidate.”

Mistakes or inappropriate attitudes, such as mentioning 3M Korea as a ○○ (Choi Kang-wook), an aunt professor as an aunt (Kim Nam-guk), or excessively emotional language (Lee Su-jin), reduce the persuasiveness of the personnel hearing verification and negatively affect the Democratic Party It is pointed out that the media blamed the media rather than reflecting on the fact that they had made the report on their own.

The members of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea made this statement at a press conference on the morning of the 16th at the National Assembly’s party representative office to reveal their inappropriate position on the request for retransmission of the Minister of Justice’s personnel hearing review report. Han Dong-hoon, a reporter for Media Today, said, “For the past few years, I was obsessed with madness and lynched by power because of my side investigation, but I fought with ‘facts’ and ‘common sense’ as weapons, and in the end the fiction and reality were revealed.” Criticism of the candidate’s internal bulletin board △ What was the evaluation of the evaluation of ‘At the last personnel hearing, the Democratic Party tried to match the investigation into the homeland, so it was rather unreasonable to make a mistake?’ I asked if you had an opinion.

In response, Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Yong-min said, “I can’t agree at all with the statements made about Candidate Dong-hoon Han’s resignation. If it was found out, and if candidate Han Dong-hoon’s cell phone had been confirmed through forensics, I think there is a good chance that the result would have been 180 degrees different.” Rep. Kim said, “At the personnel hearing, Han Dong-soo, head of the Inspection Department, also judged that ‘even if you don’t open your cell phone, you can fully determine what kind of case this is. We have to take it seriously that we are being evaluated as a member of the public.”

When asked if there was anything that candidate Dong-Hoon Han had experienced as a legal engineer, Rep. Kim answered, “Evaluating that a candidate also applied legal skills and escaped in this way as if he were innocent is a part of history in the future. It is a sin,” he said, adding, “The truth will come to light.” He said, “As special prosecutor Han Dong-hoon talked about it at the hearing, we plan to discuss follow-up measures in this regard as well.”

In particular, Rep. Kim Yong-min pointed out that ‘the Democratic Party was completely defeated in the personnel hearings’ and said, “It seems that there were a few people who evaluated it that way.” Please consider this part together.” This was found to be a tight match within the margin of error at 44.1%.)

Rep. Kim continued, “Another important thing is that the media coverage was significantly lower compared to former Minister Cho Kuk, and that there were also quite a lot of media reports in support of candidate Han Dong-hoon.” was also questioned. Rep. Kim said, “Of course, the direction of the media may change depending on the degree of suspicion raised by the person involved, but as was clearly pointed out at the personnel hearing, he suddenly challenged his right to personnel through investigation, conducted a search and seizure of about 70 places, and provided data to the media in real time. We need to evaluate it on the same line,” he said.

▲ Kim Yong-min, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, answers questions from reporters at a press conference to clarify the position of the Democratic Legislative and Judiciary Committee on Han Dong-hoon’s personnel hearing report on the 16th. Photo = Media Today’s video capture

Rep. Kim Young-bae, referring to a candidate’s internal bulletin board, said, “I believe that a candidate can post on the internal bulletin board of the prosecution as a prosecutor. pointed out

Rep. Kim said, “It is very inappropriate to write even though it is clear that someone who knows more than anyone else about the political status of his writing will inevitably receive evaluations as to whether he is writing for a political attack.” represents the entire nation, and using very provocative political language about what the previous government had done to him while the first minister of the Yun government, a person close to President Yoon, was a candidate as a minister, is it an appropriate course of action as a candidate for public office? We have to look back,” he criticized. Rep. Kim emphasized, “Now, one side, one should not take the position that he or she represents the other side.”

On the same day, the Judiciary Committee members of the Democratic Party urged President Yoon Seok-yeol to resend the personnel hearing review report of candidate Han Dong-hoon by the 16th, and urged that the appointment be withdrawn because it was inappropriate.

Jumin Park, secretary of the Judiciary Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “The Channel A accusation case in which a candidate was acquitted, most of the evidence was not secured. It is difficult for the public to trust the law enforcement because he intends to serve as the Minister of Justice again.” Park emphasized, “From a general point of view, it is difficult to trust him as a candidate for the Minister of Justice, so he is inappropriate.”

Rep. Kim Jong-min of the same standing committee also said, “Regardless of the facts, to appoint a person who is strongly opposed by half of the Republic of Korea and unacceptable to the Minister of Justice means that I will fight the other half of the people, not go with the government.” must be successful Don’t be greedy,” he pointed out.

▲In addition, members of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea are holding a press conference on the 16th to reveal their position on the personnel hearing report by Han Dong-hoon.  Photo = Media Today's video capture
▲In addition, members of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea are holding a press conference on the 16th to reveal their position on the personnel hearing report by Han Dong-hoon. Photo = Media Today’s video capture

Rep. Kim Yong-min also said, “A person who took the absurd way of contacting the prosecutor-general’s wife if he couldn’t contact the Prosecutor General, and a person who made contact during a time when he was deeply involved in the prosecution’s collusion case and was in danger of being investigated. He is a candidate who is professing to be in private contact even after becoming a minister, and is in danger of running into an absurd conflict of interest with President Yoon who nominated him. It should be done,” he said.

Rep. Choi Ki-sang also said, “If the reason for a candidate’s appointment as the Justice Minister is related to the appointment of the Prosecutor General, it is wrong.” shouldn’t It is against the law to get involved.”

In addition, Rep. Kim Young-bae also raised doubts about the fact that the scriptwriter Benson repeatedly claimed that he had written the thesis for a candidate’s daughter, the suspicion of using the specs of a thesis published in a predatory journal, and the suspicion that the person who contacted the company during the laptop donation process was the person or the parent. suggested that clarification should be made. He pointed out, “Forcing the appointment of a minister without explanation raises suspicions that there is a problem that is difficult to explain or that there is a possibility of a legal problem.”

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