Kimberly Loaiza revealed that she had breast augmentation surgery and the reasons for doing it

The influencer will undergo another cosmetic surgery (Photo: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza)

Youtuber Kimberly Loaiza broke the silence about the operation she underwent at the beginning of July this year and confessed that she underwent breast augmentation surgery because of her recent breastfeeding.

During a video posted on his YouTube account, Kimberly explained that she decided to have a breast surgery after she breastfed her second child. However, he expressed that his desire arose long before because he did not “feel comfortable” with his body.

“In a video from a long time ago, I had already told you that I wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery, because I was not very satisfied with the ones that Diosito sent me. They were very small“He expressed in the video titled” I operated on. “

Kimberly Loaiza posing for her followers on Instagram before surgery
Kimberly Loaiza posing for her followers on Instagram before surgery

“I never had surgery because I said ‘well, x’. But now, after my pregnancies, after breastfeeding and after all, what It had made me a little sad, like a raisin. They were saddened, ”she explained, referring to her bust.

In addition, he added that this was not the only cosmetic procedure he underwent, as liposuction and lipotransference were also performed. in order to recover the silhouette she had before her two pregnancies.

Previously, the influencer also known as “Cindura mayor”, showed off her figure during the delivery of the Premios Juventud, which took place last Thursday, after he announced that he underwent some “fixes.”

Kimberly Loaiza before having liposuction and breast augmentation
Kimberly Loaiza before having liposuction and breast augmentation

Through your Instagram account, The influencer showed her silhouette with a full body suit made with black sequins that accentuated her slim waist and the rest of her figure. She also surprised her fans with long blonde hair that she had worn in black so far.

“We had an incredible time today at the awards, all this thanks to you family, you are the best“Kim wrote from the social network in reference to the ceremony where various artists from the Latin American scene performed.

The influencer accompanied the message with a snapshot of herself posing with the outfit she used during the award ceremony and that at the moment accumulates more than 3 million ‘likes’.

Kimberly in the
Kimberly at the “Premios Juventud” after her surgery PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza

Kimberly’s followers reacted by flattering her figure and the change that occurred in her as a result of the surgery: “Master, you look spectacular”, “Queen”, “Precious”, “How beautiful you were today at the top LATAM awards, you deserved it my queen ” and “you look beautiful,” wrote some users.

Although there were also those who commented that “I miss the Kim from before, when you were more natural.” The criticism escalated to such a degree that Juan de Dios later had to ask his followers to support Kimberly.

At the time of announcing the operation, Kim simply wrote: I will operate on my body, wish me good luck ”, from her Instagram account along with a video of herself at the Angeles Hospital in Mexico City.

PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza
PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza

Back then, Kimberly’s followers questioned her about the procedure that would be performed. However, the content creator limited herself to saying that “the body would be operated.”

Kimberly He remained in the hospital from July 6 until his recovery. During that time He published various TikToks where he was seen in a hospital gown and responded to the criticism of those who thought that he should not have surgery because “that is how you are fine.”

“I think I had surgery because I needed it. In me and in my thoughts, because he looked at me and said ‘some arrangements, right? A few small arrangements, it will look better ‘and yes. The truth is, I saw some photos of how I looked and I really liked it”, He admitted in a video.


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