Kimberly Reyes would be the girlfriend of Álvaro Ruiz (El chiringuito) not James Rodríguez

The possibility that sounded loudest was that of an affair with the ex-husband of Daniela Ospina and Colombian soccer player, it is included ‘La red’ commented that it was “a secret love”.

However, the artist who played the ‘Diabla’ in ‘Sin senos yes there is paradise’ made a dynamic of questions on Instagram and in her response to one of the questions hinted that between her and James there would be nothing.

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Now they comment that “[Álvaro Ruiz] Son of renowned ex-soccer player [Fernando Hierro] would be the new love of Kimberly Reyes”.

The affirmation It’s from RCN’s Superlike that, although at first and in other phrases he said that Álvaro would be the “new love” of the Colombian star, then also indicated that perhaps he is just a “very special person”.

why do they say that Kimberly Reyes would be Álvaro Ruiz’s girlfriend

It all has to do with Instagram posts that were cited by said website and circulated in Instagram accounts. The shots were captured in Spain.

The two shared very similar details of the places where they were. Álvaro and Kimberly were at the Paco Roncero restaurantand just in the images they uploaded […] You can see that they were sitting at the same table”, described the page, while in one of the photographs it is observed that the actress wrote: “Yesterday I went to visit a restaurant of our love!”.

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Likewise, there comments that Álvaro would have left for the artist (who has already signed her divorce); in one, she even responded with the llama emoji, and in another, he sent her several flowers.

Here is one of the publications that he collects the messages and images for which they are saying that the son of Hierro would be Kimberly’s boyfriend (To see all the shots you have to slide or click on the arrows that appear on each image).

Who is Álvaro Ruiz, ‘love’ of Kimberly Reyes

In addition to being the son of the aforementioned former soccer player and nephew of Manolo Hierro, Álvaro is known for his presence in programs like ‘El chiringuito’.

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What’s more, one of the photos you’ve shared on his Instagram account (@alvroruiz) it’s of him on the set of the show. He also has pictures with celebrities like Iker Casillas and Roberto Carlos, as you can see below:

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