Kivu, this region of the DRC condemned to crime

On February 22, the Italian ambassador in DRC was killed by an armed gang near Goma. The opportunity for this war reporter to The print to come back, disillusioned, on the macabre destiny of a land plagued by endless conflicts.

The Kivu forest is so thick that you have the impression of seeing a wall. It is beautiful to hurt your eyes. And deadly. We feel very small here, immersed in an environment that does not seem made for humans. Where the struggle for survival is so permanent, exhausting, obsessive, that you can’t think of anything else. Everything here can kill, a snake, Ebola and a thousand other devious and cruel diseases. Another man too.

Men precisely. They are the great protagonists of this eternal “Great African War” which is being played out in eastern Congo, long, horrible, marred by tricks and cruelty. A conflict where none of those who pull the trigger are who they say they are.

Revolutionaries and rebels are in fact bandits. If the governments wear the uniform, they are not fighting for a pay that no one will pay them, but, they too, for the plunder and the women to be raped. What about the UN soldiers and the largest and most disastrous peace operation in history: 20,000 troops, a billion dollars a year? For twenty years, the Blue Helmets have been there, frustrated spectators of a utopian peace that does not come. Mercenaries of misery, they were enlisted in countries even poorer than this one.

Gangrained by armed groups

You arrive in Goma, capital of the province of North Kivu, and you realize that there are two worlds, that of the day, governed by the officials of the very distant government of Kinshasa, by the soldiers, the helmets. blue. And the night world, where you meet others. The latest arrivals are an armed group affiliated with the caliphate, the “Allied Democratic Forces”, saber-sliders born in Uganda but who found here an area of

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Domenico Quirico

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