“Kiyomiya Ukiuki” 2 seconds of beauty is “I don’t know what happened” | Full-Count

Not only the batting rod but also the defense is growing day by day, and Kosei Yoshida is pleased with a big smile.

■ Nippon-Ham 2-0 Chunichi (Interleague game, 12th, Sapporo Dome)

Kotaro Kiyomiya of Nippon-Ham is growing not only in the expected batting but also in the defense. Interleague play with Chunichi held at Sapporo Dome on the 12th. Fans also paid attention to “I didn’t know what happened for a moment” and “Kiyomiya Ukiuki” for the beauty technique that completed “Hitoto Gettsu” in just 2 seconds.

It was when A. Martinez’s bitter hit ball hit the first base line in the 8th inning with a two-point lead. Kiyomiya was a good catch, although the pinch would have spread if he escaped to the outfield. He stepped on the first base before Mizowaki, the lead runner, and completed the double play in less than two seconds.

Finish the defense in an instant and go to the bench while smiling. Pitcher Kosei Yoshida on the mound was also pleased with a big smile. The official YouTube of “PERSOL His Pacific League TV” introduces the struggle of the 23-year-old who is expected to break in the good play collection. Fans commented that “Kiyomiya was a nice straight double play” and “Kiyomiya grew up in offense and defense.”

[Actual video]”Kiyomiya Ukiuki” with the runner lying down “I didn’t know what happened for a moment” in just 2 seconds.

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