KKU joins “Miss Lily” to invent and develop products Andrographolide Nano Emulsion Against Covid-19 world’s first

Khon Kaen News Center – Khon Kaen University collaborated with Miss Lily to invent andrographolide nano-emulsion technology for the first time in the world. which can help increase the efficiency of the important active ingredients in Andrographis paniculata It is used to fight the COVID-19 virus. Ready to accelerate product development to be released soon

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Chanchai Phanthongwiriyakul, MD. The President of Khon Kaen University (KKU) revealed that the epidemic of COVID-19 causing the name of the herb Andrographis paniculata to become the hope of relieving the patient’s condition. because it has protective properties treat cold symptoms and inhibit the proliferation of viruses The important substance in Fah Talai Thief that can prevent and stop covids is ‘Andrographolide’ (Andrographolide), which is currently receiving international attention. It has been developed even more with medical technology. And there is a lot of research on medical information abroad.

Khon Kaen University The research department and graduate studies have been conducting research studies on such substances all along. Until recently, successfully inventing a method for using andrographolide to be effective for the health of the body. in the form of a nanoemulsion (nano emulsion)

Prof. Dr. Monchai Duangchinda, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies KKU disclosed the research data that “Andrographolide, a substance in the Diterpene Lactone group, is the active ingredient found in the herb Andrographis paniculata. (Andrographis paniculate) with academic reports both in Thailand and abroad that have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral It is a bitter substance. Currently, the herb Andrographis paniculata is used from the leaves. or other parts or crude extracts in the form of pills, tablets and capsules widely in Thailand

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However, the use in capsule form contains approximately 1.38-3.21% of the active substance andrographolide, depending on the planting site. and because it is insoluble in water As a result, andrographolide is absorbed and utilized in the body only 2.67%, thus requiring intake of 4 capsules at a time and continuously 4 times a day, totaling 12 capsules/day or obtaining the amount of powder. Dosage 6,000 mg/day which is equivalent to andrographolide 60 mg/day

The team has researched and developed pure andrographolide products (>98%) using nanoemulsion technology. which increases the efficiency of absorption by many times It uses a small amount but has a high level of efficiency. Reduce the risk of taking herbs in the normal form in excess (over dose) is the use of knowledge and technology from research to take advantage and extend to products for health care of Thai people in the situation of COVID-19. truly

While Dr. Nopparat Inwiset, Head of Research, Miss Lily Company Limited, said, “Nanoemulsion technology has been used in many products for a long time. whether it is a product in the cosmetic group and medicine However, andrographolide has not been developed in this form. Almost all of the research studies on the medicinal benefits of andrographolide in powder form. Even making nanoemulsions in the laboratory itself faces many challenges, such as making particles smaller than 100nm consistent.

In addition, the stability of the solution is also difficult to achieve. In the experiment, the appropriate type of substance and quantity must be found. and the pH must be adjusted so that the substance does not oxidation. And it’s not so acidic that it’s dangerous. Including must be flavored to reduce the bitterness of andrographolide. and has a flavor that is suitable for all ages

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Even more difficult is converting the manufacturing process from the laboratory to the manufacturing plant. Many obstacles were encountered due to the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment. and has high flexibility in working Whether it is a high speed homogenizer or an ultrasonic machine that can adjust the speed of up to 10,000 rev / min, which makes the laboratory production of good and consistent quality. While the machines in most factories in Thailand cannot produce products according to the set standards.

“Miss Lily therefore has to send a team of engineers to transfer the production process from the laboratory to the production plant. By entering the factory to modify the machine to produce products according to the specified standards. This is the hardest part of doing research into the market. because there is a lack of connection of research from the laboratory to the production process in the factory.”

After this, Khon Kaen University will continue to cooperate with Miss Lily Company Limited, the first flower e-commerce company in Thailand. to develop health products into the market by focusing on creating new experiences that can meet health needs for consumers

The products that will be developed will be in line with the current consumer demand direction. which the university There will be a press release on the next occasion.

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