[KLPGA] 18-year-old Lee Ye-won, Yoon Ina, and Hwang Yu-min, a blast at the OK Savings Bank Competition

[청주=뉴스핌] Reporter Kim Yong-seok = Lee Ye-won (18, KB Financial Group) and Yoon Na (18, Hite Jinro), recommended players and former national team members, formed the lead on the first day.

On the 17th, Lee Ye-won hit an 8-under par on the first day of ‘OK Savings Bank Se-ri Pak INVITATIONAL’ (total prize money 800 million won, prize money 144 million won) held at Sejong Silk River Country Club & Gallery (par 72/6627 yards) in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Lee Ye-won, ‘from the national team’, took the lead on the first day. [사진= KLPGA]
Yuna Yoon, a ‘national representative’ who tied for 4th in the first round. [사진= KLPGA]
Hwang Yu-min, the ‘active national representative’, also tied for fourth place. [사진= KLPGA]

Yewon Lee, who recorded an 8-under 64 stroke, took the solo lead by two strokes over the tied 2nd place (6-under par) Kim Ji-young 2 and Lee Ga-young.

In joint 4th place (5 under par), national representatives Ina Yoon and Hwang Yu-min, Jang Ha-na and Park Joo-young, who achieved 15 KLPGA victories at the ‘KB Financial Star Championship’, and 2nd-year members Jo Hye-rim, Yoo Su-yeon, and Ha Min-song were placed. In joint 11th place (4 under par), Kim Hyo-joo, Kwak Bo-mi, and Yoo Hae-ran were placed.

‘Same age’ Yuna also caught 6 birdies without bogeying. The two players have something in common. He participated in the regular tournament as a recommended player, but he won the dream tour just before. They are looking to win the regular tour based on the rising trend and the feeling of putting. Yuna Yoon succeeded in birdieing for the fourth time in a row, and her ranking was greatly improved.

Yewon Lee also participated in the regular tour in the previous tournament, the KB Financial Star Championship, and finished the tournament with a tie for 14th (5 over par) and is continuing her momentum. Another national representative, Hwang Yu-min (18, Shinseong High School 3) also drove 5 birdies without a bogey.

Yewon Lee, who took the lead on the first day, lowered her stance, saying, “My goal is to be in the top 10.” Regarding the secret of the national team players’ success, he commented, “The golf course course is similar to Woojung Hills, where the national team mainly practices. Grass and fairways are similar.”

Hwang Yu-min, the ‘active national team’ who finished 4th at the Korean Open that ended in June, said, “(Coming on the regular tour) I learn to relax from the seniors. I also try not to be impatient. . I will go up step by step from the low place.”

Yuna said, “My strength is a driver’s distance of about 250 yards. This course is generally flat, but it seems to be an advantageous course for long hitters.” He performed well on the first regular tour after winning the Dream Tour, which ended three days ago.

Kim Ji-young 2 (25, SK Networks), home to Cheongju, near the venue, reduced 6 strokes to 7 birdies and 1 bogie.

Kim Ji-young 2 said, “I was born and raised in Cheongju, and this is my first time participating in a regular tour competition held in Cheongju. It’s good to go back and forth from my hometown in a long time, and I feel comfortable eating home-cooked meals. “he explained.

Jo Hye-rim (20, Lotte), ‘from Seri Kids’, reduced 5 strokes to 6 birdies and 1 bogey on the first day.

Kim Hyo-joo will return to the LPGA tournament after this event. [사진= KLPGA]

Hyo-joo Kim, who tied for 11th, said, “After this event, I will return to the LPGA Tournament. My first competition will be the Shoplight Tournament. This is my first tournament in 4 years. I want to win as many tournaments as possible.”

Kim Jae-hee, Kim Su-ji, Jung Ji-min 2, and Bae So-hyun from the national team were tied for the 3 under par joint 17th place.

The defending champions Jo Ah-yeon, Lee So-mi, Han Jin-sun, and Kim Woo-jeong were tied for 26th (2 under par), and Choi Hye-jin and Jang Su-yeon tied for 52nd (1 under par).

Hansol Ji, Gaeun Song, and Sehee Lee tied for 65th (even par), Yerim Choi and Hyunkyung Park tied for 84th (1 over par), and Bae Eun Eun and Sae Romi Kim tied for 117th (7 over par).

‘Season 6 winner’ Park Min-ji gave up the competition due to back pain.

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