Knockout blow: the brutal involuntary right hand of Mike Tyson to the face of his coach that is all the rage in networks

The knockout blow Mike Tyson gave his coach by mistake

It takes a lot of courage to train Mike Tyson, one of the most brutal boxers in history. Any miscalculation in a training session can end in catastrophe or, minimally, a very painful blow. That was what happened to Rafael Cordeiro, he coach in charge of preparing Iron Mike for his return to the ring.

It was his own Lamb, leader of one of the best MMA training camps in the world, who posted on social media the images in which Tyson hits a powerful right hand to the face in the middle of a combination of punches. “Precision!” He wrote on his post from Instagram.

This video was quickly filled with comments – many of them in a joking tone – and added large number of reproductions in a few minutes. That punch may not have hit the coach squarely, but in the images there is no doubt that there was an impact.

Mike Tyson hits in slow motion during a workout with Rafael Cordeiro

Despite being 54 years old, Mike Tyson still a very powerful puncher and Rafael Cordeiro I had already commented in dialogue with ESPN Brazil that that was truly a risk. “When I hold the gloves, I like to have them close to my face. When I first saw his right-hand crusader pass, I saw my whole life pass in front of me. My wife, my daughters, my dog, everything … I thought I was going to die”Joked the man who in 2015 was chosen as the coach of the year at the MMA Awards.

But he is used to dealing with athletes of this style, since he has trained great stars of mixed martial arts (MMA) as Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua, Fabricio Werdum, among others.

Mike Tyson will fight in an exhibition boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. on November 28.

Now he is in charge of leaving in optimal conditions Iron Mike for his return to boxing after retiring in 2005, when he fell to the Irishman Kevin McBride and hang up the gloves with a record of 50 wins (44 KO) and 6 losses. Your rival will be Roy Jones Jr., of 51 years, who in his time won numerous world titles in different categories – medium, super medium, light heavy and heavy -, he knows he will have to be careful.

“I know how to have fun in the ring, trying to do my best, but at the same time I know Mike. Mike is like a puppy pitbull, who gets lost in his mind and the only thing he knows is ‘I’m going for the fight’, that’s the only thing he knows, go for the fight. All he knows is to go and try to take your head off”, He explained in dialogue with ESPN.


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