Know Aude – Spoiler Time

Sad news for fans of the spin-off of Merlin!

The actor David Solans, who plays the character of Bruno, revealed that it was actually his decision to leave the series Merlí: Know Aude and not a creative question of the creator Hector Lozano as I had said before.

Solans wrote in a story of Instagram: “There are many of you who are asking me why Bruno It will not be in the following season and you deserve an explanation. I want to share with you the letter I sent to the platform developing my decision… ”.

Unfortunately, Solans deleted the post and left fans unaware of the content of this “letter.” FormulaTV later confirmed this version of the actor.

It is now uncertain whether the character of Bruno will appear in the third season of the series. In the meantime, the filming of the second installment is still underway in the University of Barcelona.

The series of Movistar + follow Pol (Carlos Cuevas) while studying philosophy at university, exploring his sexuality, and meeting new friends and teachers.

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