know-how that France has been able to export

French technologies allowing the mass production of the high-speed train have triumphed over many obstacles and achieved remarkable international success.

A traveler wishing to go from Paris to London has every chance to take the Eurostar, the high-speed train that connects the two capitals via the Channel Tunnel. It is a beautiful symbol of the TGV’s capacity to sell outside France: the Eurostar was manufactured by Alstom, at the origin of the first high-speed trains.

The TGV now goes to Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Export was a goal as early as the 1980s for high speed rail technology. It took a long time to materialize. In 1992, the TGV was exported to Spain, on the Madrid-Seville line. The Eurostar entered service in 1994. Machines were sold in China and South Korea. With, each time, a significant transfer of technology. “The transfer of technology is sometimes a necessary step, because the States logically want production and local development”, explains Laurent Jarsalé, head of high speed at Alstom. In the world,

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