Know the 5 municipalities with more and less cases of COVID-19

In the COVID-19 report today, Saturday, the Department of Health reported that the number of 93,336 confirmed cases of the coronavirus was reached.

Likewise, the report presented that the municipalities with the most confirmed cases are in the island’s metropolitan area.

San Juan reported being the municipality with the most confirmed cases of the virus with an accumulation of 13,165. Followed by Bayamón which has 7,270 cases; Carolina presented having 5,973; Caguas has 4,282; and Guaynabo reported 3,188 accumulated confirmed cases.

On the other hand, there are municipalities that do not reach 200 confirmed cases.

Guánica reported only having 126 cases and Las Marías has 118 accumulated cases.

Likewise, there are three municipalities that do not reach 100 confirmed cases, such as Maricao, which has 69, Vieques reported 22, and Culebra with only 22 cases confirmed by COVID-19.

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