Know the warning signs of bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month aims to spread awareness about bladder cancer to reduce its spread around the world.thehealthsiteSome of the risk factors for this disease include age, gender (male), genetics, etc., and timely diagnosis of this condition can help facilitate treatment and recovery..

Bladder cancer warning signs

Here are some warning signs for bladder cancer What to look for:

bloody urine:

A condition in which blood in the urine occurs is known as hematuria, and it also happens to be a warning sign of bladder cancer and should not be ignored..

Back pain:

It is often believed that as a result of bone and muscle problems, back pain can also indicate various health complications such as bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, etc..

Pain when urinating:

Urination should never be bothersome, pain should never be ignored as it may be a sign of cystitis..

Changing bladder habits:

Bladder cancer can change bladder habits such as the frequent need to urinate, disturbed urination, and a burning sensation during urination.

Inability to urinate:

Urination is necessary to get rid of waste products from the body. The inability to urinate can be very dangerous to the body. In advanced stage, bladder cancer can impede the ability to urinate.

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