Know, This is the Process of Evaporation of Seawater in the Hydrological Cycle

Ocean illustration. (pexels / Emiliano Arano) – As natural resources what humans need, what do you know from air? Not just a thirst quencher, it turns out that living things need it for survival.

Luckily, water is a natural resource that can be renewed through the circulation process. Including through the evaporation process sea ​​water until the rain falls to be a part of it.

This water circulation or recycling process takes place continuously so that the availability of water on earth can be maintained.

One of the stages of this recycling process is the evaporation or the process of evaporation of water from various sources, one of which is sea water, because it is exposed to sunlight.

Basically, evaporation is the process of evaporating water from various water sources on Earth such as seas, rivers or lakes which will rise into the air in the form of water vapor.

This water vapor will later condense and form clouds containing sea water, this process is also known as condensation.

Process speed evaporation of sea water itself is driven by several factors, one of which is the temperature of the sun. The higher the temperature of the sun, the faster the sea water evaporates, this usually happens during the dry season.

Ocean illustration. (pexels / Kellie Churchman)

The evaporation process in seawater will take place faster because of the high salinity levels. The evaporation process is one of the important keys for the water recycling process so that it can happen continuously.

After the process of evaporation of sea water into clouds has passed, rain will immediately form and cause water droplets to fall on Earth.

Rain occurs when the clouds are no longer able to accommodate steam from sea water. The scientific name for rainfall is the process of precipitation

After that, the raindrop will fall to Earth and flow into rivers, lakes and return to the oceans. Sometimes before flowing directly into the sea, water will first be absorbed into the land or become a source of energy for plants. The process of absorbing rainwater on Earth is called infiltration.

This cycle will continue to repeat as long as the evaporation process of seawater is still occurring. This water recycling stage is called hydrological cycle.

Although it looks easy and can guarantee the availability of water, this process can be delayed due to several factors, such as sunlight during the evaporation process or the availability of soil during the infiltration process.

That is the explanation of the process of evaporation of seawater into one hundred hydrological cycle processes. ( Hillary Sekar Pawestri).


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