Know who will be Pedro Sola’s BOYFRIEND … 30 years younger !: PHOTO

Pedro Alone rose to fame thanks to his participation in ‘Vetaneando‘, the production of Tv Azteca that took him out of the exercise of economist. Today, he is one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television.

The dear driver has been very open about his lifetime personal; however, there are always details that are not known to the general public.

On one occasion he had no problem responding to the controversy after they leaked images where he appears in the company of a man younger than himself.


Pedrito Alone revealed that he is very much in love with a person he met online. Although he did not reveal his name, he pointed out that he is a man 30 years younger from Tabasco.

After a period of intermittent encounters, the young man (then 24 years old), arrived at the City of Mxico in 2002 commissioned for his work. Alone I welcomed him into his home, where he lives today.

The driver was happy and satisfied with their relationship, because it was something that he did not force, but it happened suddenly and naturally. Pedro He assured that he spent a lot of time single because he dedicated himself to taking care of his mother, something he does not regret.


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