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J1, Nagoya’s first loss

Kobe-G Osaka In the second half, Kobe Sakai-Noesta scored the second goal of the match.

On the final day of the 3rd section of Meiji Yasuda J1 (4th, Noevir Stadium Kobe, etc. = 8 games), Kobe beat Gamba Osaka 4-0 with Sakai’s two goals and Osako’s goal, and took the lead with three consecutive wins at the opening. . Nagoya loses 0-1 to Tosu for the first time.

Urawa came from behind to beat C Osaka 2-1, while Kyoto defeated FC Tokyo 2-0. Tosu, Urawa and Kyoto won their first wins of the season. Kashima defeated Yokohama FC 3-1, while Fukuoka beat Kashiwa 1-0, both winning their second. Kawasaki drew with Shonan and Niigata with Sapporo.

Sapporo’s manager Petrovic is the commander of the 525th J1 game in total, surpassing Mr. Akira Nishino, who led Gamba Osaka, etc., and became the first place in history.

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