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Kodiyeri: RSS supporters take over crucial jobs in police Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

Pathanamthitta: CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has said that RSS supporters are taking over crucial posts in police stations, including writer’s posts. Pro-CPM associates are not interested in such jobs. They are looking for positions that may not work. Many want to join the personal staff of ministers. Writer has the most crucial role in the stations. When there is no one to do it, the RSS gets into those loopholes. They are taking anti-government measures. BJP supporters are deliberately interfering.

There was a similar interference in the case of Peringara local secretary PB Sandeep Kumar. Kodiyeri also criticized the district police chief. He said the SP had to back away from what was said earlier and the case investigation was now on the right track. Kodiyeri was addressing a delegate meeting as part of the district conference.

Kodiyeri said that the K rail project will be implemented. Delegates from the Adoor area expressed concern about the project. Kodiyeri said that the details of the K Rail project would be accurately recorded and distributed and that party representatives should go directly to all the houses and explain things.

The LDF is not the position of the UDF to back down in fear when there is opposition to the plans. He said that if such a withdrawal is made, no development project will take place.

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