“Koh-Lanta” spoiled on social networks: the production wins the battle against the overly talkative anonymous

No more unwanted revelations for “Koh-Lanta”! According to our information, Adventure Line Productions (ALP) has just won an unprecedented legal battle. The president of the Paris judicial court has just issued an order banning any publication that would disclose elements of the upcoming episodes of his famous adventure game.

Because for several weeks, anonymous accounts reveal in advance the content of the show, including the eliminated. For the first time in such a context, justice has ordered the lifting of the anonymity of unidentified accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, the president of the court also ruled on the case of a former adventurer of the program, accused of the same grievances and who also multiplies the insults and defamations. Henceforth, in the event of a new publication which would reveal elements of the game, this person would be subject to a significant financial penalty, up to 1,000 euros per violation found.

Confidentiality clauses

For ALP, this is obviously to protect the interest of its flagship game, which brings together 5 million viewers on TF 1 every Tuesday for its anniversary edition. But also the entertainment candidates, who receive virulent messages from Internet users following these revelations.

“Social networks are not a lawless area. It is up to justice to supervise the abuses of the digital society, explains a person close to the file. We can sometimes think that rumors contribute to the interest of the viewer but, here, it is the reverse. Secrecy is the singularity of the program and the judge took into account the important measures and the significant investments implemented to preserve it. “

And for good reason, in addition to the confidentiality clauses of several tens of thousands of euros, the production prohibits the arrival of external people on the set while the technical teams are prohibited from using their mobile phones on site.

“The judge retained these criteria as well as the fact that the content is difficult to access and of commercial value,” explains this source. What these people are doing is unlawful breach of secrecy. “

These injunctions come after the first measures taken by the production, in agreement with TF 1, in the spring of 2020. In full confinement, while “Koh-Lanta” reached record audience levels, several adventurers had been victims of offensive messages ranging up to death threats on social networks. ALP then announced that he was going to court.

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