Korat declares epidemic area Do not move animals to extract “Lumpy Skin”

Mr. Phatsawee Somjai, a livestock farmer in Nakhon Ratchasima province, said that Nakhon Ratchasima An epidemic of Lumpi Skin disease in Wua was found in 5 districts, including Kaeng Sanam Nang District, Kong District, Phimai District, Non Daeng District and Non Sung District. The provincial livestock office has ordered livestock, but the district has gone to care for the sick animals, however, it has confirmed that the disease can be cured. meat can be eaten and not in contact with people

Nakhon Ratchasima Province has announced that every area and every sub-district is an epidemic area It is strictly forbidden to move animals in and out in all cases. except for permission ask the people to strictly follow If an animal is found sick, immediately notify the district veterinarian, village headman, community leader immediately so that the disease can be controlled promptly.


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