Korat municipality is busy! mobilize for community cluster testing after 34 cases of covid, found that 2 more infected by the police.- Teachers

Nakhon Ratchasima News Center– Korat Municipality mobilizing to speed up the search for coronavirus cases in urban communities after 34 cases of a cluster of fragile communities have been found, revealing that the police, deputy sergeant-in-chief of the Muang Korat Police Station and his wife are two more infected teachers, although they did not get 2 shots of the vaccine. survive

Today (29 Aug) Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 In the Nakhon Ratchasima province area, the latest today found 237 new cases, 2 more deaths, 133 cumulative deaths, 19,491 collectible patients, 5,377 still healed, 13,981 recovered. Today, coviral patients -19 new cases in Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima district jumped to 29 cases, second only to Pak Chong district 87 cases, followed by Chokchai district, a large cluster of chicken processing factories 19 cases, Bua Yai district 16, Huai Thalaeng district 15, Pak Thongchai District, 13 cases and Soeng Sang District 11 cases, respectively.

while beside the Chao Pho Suea Shrine, Nai Prasert Bunchaisuk, the mayor of Nakhon Ratchasima, along with Mr. Kraisi Lotharaprasert deputy mayor and public health officials Has conducted Antigen Test kit (ATK) screening for COVID-19 on people at risk in Thao Sura Soi 3 community, Sala Loi community, Thung Sawang-Sala Loi community, San Chao Por Suea community. and Wat Thung Sawang community of 396 after the outbreak was found in clusters or Fragile community clusters There are 34 cumulative cases, 2 of which are positive, were sent to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital. and carry out the quarantine of those who are at high risk The total number of 12 cases was taken to the Nakhon Ratchasima Municipal Detention Center to control the spread of COVID-19.

Pol Col. Korakot Pochayanich, superintendent (superintendent) of the Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station, revealed that he had received a report from Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital that there were police officers under the agency. Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station ATK test. The results of the survey found 1 person infected with Covid-19. Position: Deputy Inspector General (Deputy Office of the Occupational Health Service) working in public relations. From the investigation of this police officer’s disease Had received 2 doses of Sinovac vaccine in the first round, but was able to get infected. Now we have entered the process of healing step by step. but for safety and confidence in society Has issued an order to stop all activities related to the field visit. which have the opportunity to come in direct contact with the people Ready to spray disinfectant and clean the touch points frequently. including to adjust the performance of public service to the WFH model in order to strictly comply with public health measures. prevent the spread of germs

while the police officers, deputy sergeants, Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station Patients infected with COVID-19 Such said. He and his wife who are government teachers Under one primary school in Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality Has been vaccinated with 2 doses of covids and has not been negligent in life. There is protection both wearing masks. Always wash your hands with alcohol gel regularly until Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station have led police officers to test for covid

The results of the examination revealed that he was the only one who was infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, his wife rushed to get tested and found infected with COVID-19 as well. The two daughters and four-year-old children who often play with their daughters have not found the infection. but is considered a high risk group have left relatives to take care of and self-isolate for 14 days.

For the residence of the Deputy Administrative Office, Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station Located in Thung Sawang-Sala Loi community Which is a fragile community cluster area, the epidemic has accumulated 34 infected people. the origin of the outbreak and In the process of investigating the disease of health officials


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