Korea Eundan, Kakao Shopping Live on the evening of the 30th : Sports Donga

– Up to 53% discount on popular dry season meals
– Hosted by broadcaster Choi Hee and show host Kim Joo-seung

Goryeo Eundan will hold a Kakao Shopping Live on the 30th.

From 7:30 pm, health functional foods are sold at a maximum of 53% discount through Kakao Shopping Live. Korea Eundan Multi-Vitamin All-in-One and Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000 Easy + Vitamin D are introduced at special prices.

Korea Eundan Multi-Vitamin All-in-One is a product that contains 23 nutritional ingredients in one tablet based on Korean dietary habits. ‘Korea Eundan Vitamin C 1000 Easy + Vitamin D is a health functional food that allows you to easily take 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 1,000 IU of vitamin D. In addition, Korea Eundan’s best products such as lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, and drinking Korea Eundan’s vitamin C 1000 are introduced at discounted prices.

It is hosted by broadcaster Choi Hee and show host Kim Joo-seung, and additional discount coupons are provided for consumers who purchase through live broadcasts.

An official from Korea Eundan said, “Recently, more and more consumers are purchasing health functional foods conveniently without face-to-face, so we are preparing this Kakao Shopping Live broadcast.”

Sports Dong-a reporter Kim Jae-beom [email protected] More articles by the reporter

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