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Korean film | A teenager who watched a South Korean movie has been sentenced to 14 years in prison in North Korea

North Korean authorities have sentenced a teenager to 14 years in prison for watching a South Korean film. A 14-year-old boy has been jailed in North Korea’s Yangon province for watching a five – minute South Korean movie.

North Korea’s online daily Daily NK reports that a teenager was arrested on November 7 for watching the South Korean film ‘The Uncle’, directed by Kim Hong-jin. Sources quoted the Daily NK as saying that the boy was arrested within five minutes of starting to watch the film. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison. The teen was sentenced to life in prison for forced labor in mines, farms and construction sites.

The teenager is a student at Elementary and Middle School in Heisen City, the country. In addition to the child being punished, it is doubtful whether the student’s parents will be punished under the current system in North Korea.

The country imposes severe punishments on those who violate the strict cultural laws enacted in the country. The country has strict restrictions on watching or importing films from North Korea’s “enemy nations”, including South Korea and the US. Last month, it became a wave on Netflix Web series Of the squid game (Squid Game) A man has been sentenced to death in the country for distributing copies. He was convicted of importing a copy of the Squid game from China to North Korea and selling USB flash drives containing the series. Under a law passed in December last year, the importation and distribution of films, plays, music and books from foreign countries is punishable.

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