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2023-09-27 01:34:00


The won-dollar exchange rate, which seemed to be stable, gradually rose, and today opened at 1,355 won per dollar.

A U.S. interest rate cut is far off, China’s economy is not doing well, and the dollar’s strength is expected to continue for some time.

I will listen closely. Reporter Eom Yun-ju, please come out.


This is the Korea Exchange.


The exchange rate hit an all-time high yesterday, but it looks like it will hit another record in just one day?


Yes, it surpassed the connection point as soon as it opened.

In the Seoul foreign exchange market today, the won-to-dollar exchange rate started at 1,355 won, up 6.5 won from yesterday.

Yesterday, it rose to 1,349.5 won at one point during the day, breaking the all-time high on the 17th of last month.

It closed at 1,348.5 won and surpassed this record in just one day.

It is currently moving in the 1353 won range.

Today’s opening exchange rate is the highest since it was recorded at 1,355.3 won on November 23 last year.

This had a significant impact as the U.S. Federal Reserve raised its interest rate outlook for next year, increasing the possibility of prolonged tightening.

For this reason, the U.S. 10-year Treasury bond interest rate reached its highest level in 16 years.

The preference for safe assets is growing.

Another bad news is that the U.S. Congress has not yet agreed on next year’s budget, raising concerns about a shutdown.

In addition, Europe’s economic downturn and China’s real estate crisis

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Growing concerns about a global economic downturn are also a negative factor for our market.

In particular, China is implementing various stimulus measures to recover the economy.

Although it provides enormous liquidity to the market,

The weakness of the Yuan, which is still not recovering, is encouraging the strong dollar.

In this situation, both KOSPI and KOSDAQ started lower.

Today, KOSPI opened at 2,447.99, down 0.61% from yesterday.

It is currently moving around the 2,459 line.

KOSDAQ also started off at 823.20, 0.56% lower than yesterday.

It is currently recording in the 830 range.

So far, we have reported this from the Korea Exchange.

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