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Updated on 01/17/2021 10:50 pm

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira They surprised their fans by launching the second season of “Papás ​​en Diañales.”

The new chapter, entitled “A la playa”, showed several moments that the couple lived with their daughter Lara on their vacation in Colán, in Piura.

However, one of the moments that most caught the attention of the video is where the former participant of “This is war” is seen arriving at the house where his wife and baby were in Colán.

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In the video, posted on YouTube, it is seen that Korina Rivadeneira wanted to show Mario Hart how her baby touched the sand on the beach.

“Say hello to the people who are watching ‘Dads in Diapers’”, Mario Hart said to his baby. However, when Korina Rivadeneira noticed how close the camera was, she expressed her annoyance.

“No, not so close, love, that we look ugly. Go back there ”, he told Mario Hart.

The car driver did not remain silent and asked his wife why it bothered her that she and the baby were filmed up close.

Korina Rivadeneira, for her part, confessed that she did not like the way a feature of her face looked. “You can see my nose this size”, answered.



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