Korina Rivadeneira and her experience with breastfeeding: “I don’t know how to describe that pain” | Mario Hart | Instagram

From your account Instagram, Korina Rivadeneira published a series of ‘stories’ where he told the hours of sleep that taking care of his daughter takes away. How long have I been without sleep. This morning was terrifying, I felt overheated, I had a lot of headache all night (…) I’m exhausted, I haven’t slept at all and this little girl continues to eat”, He recounted in his video clips.

Next, the Mario Hart’s wife emphasized how you feel in your body every time you feed your baby. “I wanted to tell you what nipple pain feels like. It feels exactly like they have a lighter on the tip of your nipple or nipple if you are a man. When baby suckles, it feels like this, it’s burning you”, He pointed.

For RivadeneiraThis “very strong” experience would be more complicated if it weren’t for the support she is receiving from her mother. “Apart from that there is also the pain in the breasts when you are refilled with milk. It feels like you have stones that press you down and it hurts … I just don’t know how to describe that pain, it’s like torture“he added.

However, the Venezuelan model He assured that all this sacrifice is rewarded after seeing his little Lara in good condition. “I do not stop seeing the baby in all that time that I breastfeed, because when I look at her I feel good. I feel much less pain, it is something inexplicable … It transmits so much peace to me that I forget it and I bear it”, He detailed.


Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart launched a channel on YouTube to tell about their experience as parents. After birth of little Lara, the couple decided to relate step by step their journey as first-time parents since the birth, because everything was documented to be shared in their new project.

On her Instagram account, the Venezuelan model surprised his followers with the first episode of his YouTube channel, which was titled “Dads in diapers”. In this way, both seek to collect all the moments they have gone through after learning that they would have his first daughter.

“With great joy I want to share with you a little project that we have been working together with Mario Hart in our first experience as parents”Reads its publication. “I promise you that you are going to have fun and for those who are already parents, you will relive with us those moments in the delivery room”.

The chapter “The delivery”, lasting almost 15 minutes, shows when Mario Hart found out he was going to be a father for the first time until he and his wife Korina Rivadeneira They are on their way to the clinic for breaking the water earlier than expected. Also, it looks the precise moment when baby Lara arrives in the world.


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