Korona, Asker | 65 in quarantine after large parties

– Strong suspicion of mutated virus.

The municipal chief in Asker municipality, Meera Grepp, confirms to Nettavisen that around 65 are in quarantine after a student at Asker upper secondary school has been confirmed infected with coronavirus.

– We have received confirmation of infection in a student in the third stage. We have not been able to confirm that it is a mutated virus, but we have a strong suspicion of it. The infected student has not been to school during the contagious period, but has a number of close contacts from the weekend. This is divided into two parties, says Grepp to Nettavisen.

– On Friday, there must have been around 40 pieces at a party and on Saturday around 20. The tracking team works with clarification and contact with all close contacts. The preliminary figure is that it is about 65 pieces. Most of them are students at the school. We found out about this this afternoon and are now working to get an overview, she adds.

The municipal superintendent encourages everyone who can imagine that they were at one of the parties this weekend to go in quarantine and test themselves.

– If they do not hear from us tomorrow, they will call Asker municipality’s corona telephone on Friday.

– Will call everyone

On the website of Asker upper secondary school, the principal Cathrine Kittilsen Zandjani and the municipal chief come with a clear request:

– Everyone who has been to these parties this weekend will be quarantined from today 03.03, and asked to test themselves as soon as possible. Their families are asked to be in quarantine quarantine until a negative test in the youth. The tracking team will call everyone during Thursday 04.03, and provide info about e.g. current quarantine length, they write in a message on Asker upper secondary its website.

Alerts digital meeting

To Nettavisen, the principal says that there are more than two classes that are in quarantine.

– The infection occurred during the winter holidays, and the infected student has not been to school. The student has been in contact with fellow students in their free time. There are just over two classes that are in quarantine. We do not have a full overview yet and are in contact with the infection tracking team, says Kittilsen Zandjani.

– We will have an attitude-creating digital meeting with the students tomorrow, we have a social responsibility as a school.


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