Kosovo’s parliamentary elections are won by left-wing Albanian nationalists

What happened on sunday Kosovo The opposition’s left-wing nationalist Self-Determination Movement (LVV) has won a convincing victory in the early parliamentary elections, according to preliminary results.

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According to the results obtained after counting 90% of the ballot papers, LVV gained 48% of the votes, reports the Central Election Commission.

The next two parties in terms of votes – the ruling center-right Democratic League of Kosovo (GDL) and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSC), led by former Kosovo Liberation Army commanders – are significantly behind with 13% and 17% respectively.

The Electoral Commission reports that, according to initial estimates, 45.5% of the nearly 1.8 million eligible voters went to the polls. Early elections had to be announced after the Constitutional Court ruled that the parliamentary vote approving the current government was illegitimate.

Until June last year, a fragile coalition led by LVV leader Albina Kurti was in power, but his government fell when the coalition left the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which formed a new coalition led by Avdulla Hoti.

61 of the 120 members of parliament voted in favor of Hoti’s approval as prime minister, but the court ruled that one of them did not have the right to vote. The Member had already been convicted of fraud at the time of the vote, and in September the politician began serving his sentence.

Despite the convincing victory of LVV, the formation of the new Kurti government will still require a coalition partner. The Greeks have rejected the possibility of cooperating with the PSC as well as with the Belgrade-controlled Serb list, which is likely to benefit from all ten seats reserved for the Serb minority.

“Our priorities are the rule of law and jobs,” Kurt said on Sunday night, addressing his enthusiastic supporters. “There is a long way to go, we will also make mistakes, but our goals are noble.”

The PDK candidate for the prime minister’s chair Envers Hodžjs has already congratulated LVV on his victory. In turn, the Chairman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Isa Mustafa has announced that the party will respect the outcome of the elections.

LVV, represented by younger politicians, promising to eradicate the country’s corruption and nepotism, as well as revive the stagnant economy, has raised hopes for change among many Kosovars.

According to many observers, these expectations are also reflected in the election results.

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