Kostenko, following Buzova, tried on long blond curls. Video

Following Buzova, Dmitry Tarasov’s wife tried on long curls.

Anastasia Kostenko. Photo: instagram.com/kostenko.94/

By the end of February, the wind of spring changes blew, and many show business stars decided on serious experiments with their appearance. For instance, Victoria Bonya she dyed her hair pink, Tatiana Navka tries on various shades, and Olga Buzova did a bang and showed her new image.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova. Photo: instagram.com/buzova86/

Model Anastasia Kostenko, wife of Dmitry Tarasov, was among those who decided to make a transformation. The current lover of the ex-boyfriend Buzova has become a blonde. True, not for long.

Kostenko, like Buzova, has grown long blond curls. The girl showed herself in the stories of her microblogging, and not everyone could immediately recognize the brunette Kostenko in this blonde with luxurious hair.

Dmitry Tarasov’s wife posed in a pink knitted printed suit and a pink mini-bag in her hand. It turned out that the model takes part in a thematic photo shoot and, together with her friend, they reincarnated as Barbie dolls.

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