Kovid Coronation Committee in all districts; New guidelines for diagnosing death | Covid 19 death

Thiruvananthapuram: New guidelines have been issued for the determination of Kovid-19 deaths in the state. The new directives are based on the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health and the ICMR as directed by the Supreme Court.

The Kovid-19 Coronation Committee (CDAC) will be formed in all the districts of the state. Additional District Magistrate (Additional District Collector), District Medical Officer, Additional District Medical Officer / District Surveillance Medical Officer (COVID), Head of the Department of Medicine at a medical college in the district (if there is no medical college in the district, DSO (Non-COVED)), Head of Infectious Diseases or Public Health The District Coroner’s Committee is composed of a subject matter expert (where available).

E-Health Death Info Website for Covid Death Requirement (https://covid19.kerala.gov.in/deathinfo/) Set. The names of those who died due to the Kovid announced by the state are available on this website. If there are non-participants, they can apply online. It is also possible to make corrections to the official Covid death certificate of the Department of Health. The decision on the application is made online. The new system will come into effect from October 10.

Close relatives of those who received the death certificate earlier can also apply for the new Kovid 19 death certificate if required. They have to provide the death registration number obtained from the local bodies online. Applications received will be issued by the official Kovid 19 death certificate after detailed examination. This will be communicated to the State Chief Registrar and the Registrar of Births and Deaths. Applications received will be processed within 30 days.

English Summary: New guidelines issued to determine covid 19 deaths in Kerala


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