Kovid immunization: 10,442 vaccine doses delivered in the UAE in 24 hours

Abu Dhabi: In the last 24 hours, the UAE government has dispensed 10,442 doses of Kovid. A total of 21,768,732 doses were distributed, according to the UAE Ministry of Health.

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According to the Ministry of Health, more than 87 percent of the UAE’s population has received two doses of the vaccine. Meanwhile, 73 new Kovid cases were reported in the UAE today. The UAE Ministry of Health said 90 people had recovered. One person has lost his life in the UAE today due to the Kovid epidemic.

Kovid has so far confirmed 741,643 in the UAE. 7,36,423 people were cured. 2,145 people died following Kovid. According to the Ministry of Health, 3,075 people are being treated. Today, 290,301 Kovid tests were conducted in the UAE, according to the Ministry of Health.

Kovid mortality rate in the UAE is 0.2%. This is two percent lower than the global average. Authorities estimate that the number of patients in the UAE is declining as covid vaccination increases. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that more than 97 per cent of the country’s population has received a single dose of the Kovid vaccine.

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