Krause remains leader in Palamós on an incomplete day

The German Carl Krause is still leading the 31 Palamós Optimist Trophy-Nations Cup after the celebration of the second day of competition, in which the yellow group could only compete due to the low wind intensity, in which it has barely exceeded six knots sometime in the afternoon

Krause, who is sailing in the yellow group, won again and remains undefeated in Palamós, after winning the three games played on Thursday and, where appropriate, one on Friday. The Swedish Erik Bengtsson and Simon Hardner followed in order of arrival. The first Spanish entered fourth position, Rafael de Tomás (RCN Valencia). And in the top ten of this manga also entered the Balearic Fernando Barceló (CN S’Arenal) and José Luis Miró (RCN Palma). In this group, only 71 of the 112 ships finished the test, because 41 ships left prematurely and when left with a black flag they were automatically disqualified in this test.

In other groups they had an exit, but the wind was falling below the six knots, so the Race Committee chose to cancel the test and send the fleet to land, after the weather forecasts were not better.

This causes that until the white, green, red and blue groups do not complete the fourth round, the general classification will not be updated. On Saturday, the first to leave will be these groups and once the fourth test is over, a discard will come into play and qualifying tests will continue. In the event that Sunday is completed, it will be the day the finals are played.

Meanwhile the general with three tests remains with Carl Krause leader with 3 points, second is also the German Capar Ilgenstein and third is the Mallorcan Marc Mesquida (CN S’Arenal.

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