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KARL WILHELM KRBAVAC, CLEMENS SALESNY and NIKI DOLP devote themselves entirely to the high art of improvisation on their joint album “Die Liebe wird siegen” (Jazzwerkstatt Records).

It is an exciting clash of generations in the spirit of improvisation that takes place on this album. On one side are the JazzWorkshop-Vienna co-founder and saxophonist Clemens Salesny and the drummer Niki Dolp, who have distinguished themselves in their many projects in recent years as real musical free spirits who do not see it so closely with conventions, on the other hand with the multi-instrumentalist and composer Karl Wilhelm Krbavac, who can now look back on a 50-year creative phase and is one of the free jazz pioneers in this country, a real legend of the local jazz scene. A more than promising constellation. What unites the three musicians is their constant urge to override traditional musical forms, structures, styles and stylistic concepts in order to clear the way for something musically new.

It is also this urge that determines the musical events on “Die Liebe wird Siegen”. As one would expect from this trio, it encompasses the musical framework in which it moves and its expression very, very broadly. Clemens Salesny, Niki Dolp and Karl Wilhelm Krbavac who started the project with the agreement that “everyone can do 100% what they want at any time” slip into the role of bridge-builders in their pieces, creating connections between the most diverse styles, which interweave and translate them into a sound that, as far as categorization is concerned, stands alone. Elements from the most diverse directions are juggled, with elements from the most diverse forms of jazz, from new music, from noise from electroacoustics and, and, and. The nice thing about the whole story is that it really tells itself and develops a lot of atmosphere in the process and doesn’t get bogged down in any kind of bulkiness.

Karl Wilhelm Krbavac, Clemens Salesny and Niki Dolp show themselves to be real experts in improvisation on “Love will win”. They know how to fill the free musical form with life, to present it in the most varied of ways and to transform it into an exceptionally intense listening experience. Yes, improvisation can be really engaging.

Michael Ternai


Clemens Salesny
Niki Dolp (music database)
Jazzwerkstatt Records

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