Kretschmann wants to open gradually soon

Dhe Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) has presented a first proposal for a rapid test strategy for the Prime Minister’s Conference next Wednesday: With rapid tests, it is said in the paper that is available to the FAZ, it must be possible, especially industries that “Despite massive state aid”, bankruptcy would be faced to enable “gradual opening” in the next few weeks. In this way one can “regain a piece of freedom” without this at the expense of security.

A “test-based opening” of shops or leisure facilities could then be possible if the operators of the facilities could guarantee that only visitors with a negative test would be allowed in. The basis must always be a certified and up-to-date test that was taken in a pharmacy, a doctor’s office or a test center.

Store data in the app

Visitors to events and shops should also store their data in the “Luca app” if they are later found to be infected with the Sars Cov2 virus. For this app, however, there must still be an interface to the “Sormas” computer program of the health authorities. In addition, the green-led state ministry wants to demand an updated hygiene concept from the sectors that are allowed to open. Despite the quick tests, there should be no unnecessary risk, for example through queues. Also, not all restrictions could be lifted, because of highly contagious mutants, caution must remain the most important maxim.

The lockdown is valid until March 7th. A new state parliament will be elected in Baden-Württemberg on March 14th. The use of rapid tests and the new Corona self-tests has been highly controversial between the coalition partners CDU and the Greens in recent weeks. The CDU and, above all, top candidate Susanne Eisenmann had repeatedly called for the development of a quick test strategy, especially to be able to reopen daycare centers and elementary schools. The Greens were more cautious and had above all rejected the establishment of municipal test centers with a view to the new rapid and self-tests. In contrast to a few days ago, Kretschmann now wants to prepare his country for further openings – despite the increasing number of infections from the mutants.

“At the end of January, Minister Eisenmann already presented a concept for a change of strategy within the government in order to flank possible cautious opening steps with significantly more rapid tests. We are relieved that the Prime Minister has given up his initially negative attitude and is now introducing Minister Eisenmann’s proposed change of strategy at the federal-state level, “said a spokesman for the CDU’s top candidate.


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