Kristel Adams, a song of hope in concert

His music always invites you to travel and meet people. Not just because Kristel Adams sings in several languages ​​a repertoire of songs with ardent spirituality and mixed rhythms. But also because the singer, who will present on stage on November 24 at New Morning in Paris her new album Joy, live concretely this sharing of the common wealth of humanity.

“I was born in Marseille, with mixed-race grandparents of Martinican and Vietnamese origin. This multiple identity gives me the strength of Africa and Asia and it flourishes in Europe ”, explains Kristel Adams. As a child, she was close to her Vietnamese grandmother who introduced her to Buddhism. Growing up in Marseille with Maguy, her mother, Catholic, she attended catechism and felt close to Marie, who has been accompanying her ever since, she emphasizes. And, in the Phocaean City, she had a lot of Muslim friends.

Chorister of George Benson, Manu Dibando, Sylvie Vartan

Aretha Franklin opens a horizon to the young girl. ” I love it ! She inspired my desire to sing. I left for Paris at 22 to pursue a career in music. ” In the capital, Kristel Adams is welcomed by a Jewish community and discovers the beauty of Hebrew as well as the richness of Aramaic. “The language of the Psalms and of the Bible, Aramaic, offers magnificent sounds. To me, they sound like blues, very beautiful, with great sweetness. “

Kristel Adams throws headlong into music. Her voice, crystalline, spiritual, intense, allows her to sing everything. “I drew on all my sources to sing, and they were expressed through my voice. I became a chorister for George Benson, Mory Kanté, Manu Dibango, Sylvie Vartan, Robbie Williams, Florent Pagny… I accompanied a lot of artists who taught me a lot. “

From the stage to “The Voice”

She will be in several musicals: Cindy by Luc Plamondon at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, The Most Beautiful Journey by Marjorie Nakache. At the theater, she plays the role of Coryphée in Iphigenia or the sin of the gods, also by Marjorie Nakache. In the cinema, she turns with Claude Lelouch in The Parisians (2004), film for which she signs the soundtrack.

Kristel Adams also participated in the first season of “The Voice” in 2012 on TF1. She joined the team of singer Garou there. “It was an exhibition, a beautiful showcase, an obvious way to put your foot in music, she explains. But also a lot of stress for me who doesn’t like battles ”, that moment of the competition when the candidates compete to eliminate each other. There she met Atef, one of the candidates who became a friend and who participates in his new album.

The albums follow one another.In 2000, Kristel Adams (with the participation of Florent Pagny and Angélique Kidjo). In 2007, Gramercy Park, written by Boris Bergman, lyricist of Alain Bashung, composed by Francis Lai, Franck Hergott and herself. In 2009, in duet with the interpreter Guillaume Eyango, Kristel Adams sings Hazkeni Voices,Gospel Meets Hebraic, traditional Hebrew songs in Aramaic.

« Joy », his most personal album

With Joy, released in October 2021 at Bayard Musique, Kristel Adams presents his most personal project. “I grew up with my neighbor and now I feel ready to sing solo to share everything that inspires me and reveal my faith”, she confides. In this new album shesings in ten different languages, from Hebrew to Breton, from Arabic to Spanish or Zulu in a spirit of dialogue and openness. “I have always been drawn to other cultures, because the best trip is the one we take towards each other, their traditions, their joys, their identity. “

A disc without borders

A prayer by Michel Jonasz, I Say a Little Prayer by David Hal and Burt Bacharah, Asimbonanga of Johnny Clegg and Psalm 23, Jehovah is my shepherd, sung in Spanish to music composed by Kristel Adams and Eddy Malka, appear, with Amazing Grace, among the pieces of bravery of a disc without borders. “My spiritual quest goes through music that speaks to everyone and announces the Good News. I share it with my musicians, as many as I am ”, rejoices the singer.

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Harpist Rossitza Milevska is from Bulgaria, bassist Fred Fall from Senegal, cellist Olivier Koundouno from Guinea, drummer Mike Rajamahendra from Mauritius, guitarist Samuelito from Spain, pianist Eddy Malka is of Jewish descent and the other, Arnault Frachet, no… Frédéric Renard on saxophone, Romain Viallon and Ali Diallo on percussions complete this set of cosmopolitan musicians who went to record Joy in Mésanger, near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). “They come from all over the world and we are French! “


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