Kristen Wiig hints at multiple versions of her Cheetah in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

The new movie Wonder Woman 1984 keeps things busy for a while. Especially the role of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah has been widely discussed by fans and non-fans.

What will Cheetah look like? That’s what many fans have been wondering for a while. Let’s hope she doesn’t look like that Mattel makes us believe

Multiple versions
Wiig can in any case say very little about it. In an interview InStyle let them know: “We weren’t allowed to take pictures on the set, there was really a lockdown going on. They have pictures somewhere and you will probably see them. There are several versions of my character in the movie, let’s just stick to that.”

Big dream
Being cast in a superhero movie is a big dream for Wiig: “I’m a superhero nerd, it was one big dream when I was asked by Patty (Jenkins, ed.) to play Cheetah. I never dreamed that I would get this chance. I mean, I’m over 40 and not necessarily famous for roles like this.

Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled for November 2019 and was later moved to June 2020, then to August 2020 and is now fixed at the beginning of October 2020.

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