Kristina Asmus spoke about the relationship with married Oleg Menshikov

The ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov dotted the i

Kristina Asmus Since 2012 she has been an actress of the Ermolova Moscow Drama Theater, which is directed by Oleg Menshikov. The star of the series “Interns” more than once confessed her love to a married actor. And the other day, and completely stunned with a statement.

Personal life of Christina Asmus after a divorce from Garik Kharlamov is under the scrutiny of the public. “Only in the last year I was assiduously brought together with Alexey Chadov, Navai Bakirov, Milos Bikovich, in the tenth round with Alexander Petrov, Alexey Uchitel, Sergey Gilev, Ivan Tverdovsky, Danila Chashchin”– said the actress recently.

She noted that nothing connected her with any of the above men except friendship and work. At the same time, Christina periodically fuels rumors about her romance with unexpected statements. For example, not so long ago she announced that she has been in a relationship “for more than one year.” Fans immediately found out that the star had an affair being married to Garik. After all, the couple officially divorced only in the fall of 2020.

After that, a much bolder assumption appeared about the relationship of the actress with the married Oleg Menshikov. Asmus did not remain silent and revealed the truth. “At last! I really love Oleg Evgenievich madly! The only caveat is that this love is definitely mutual “, – wrote the artist in the blog.

Earlier, Asmus said that a divorce from Kharlamov is not at all a mutual decision: “I have never said anywhere that this is a common decision, because it is a lie. Check out my posts from the beginning. I just don’t go to interviews and various podcasts, I don’t make stuff about the general decision, I don’t prove anything to anyone and I don’t make excuses. I don’t need it ”… Christina had a serious breakdown in relations with her ex-spouse long ago.

In turn, Garik, in a conversation with Danila Poperechny, noted: “We didn’t have any high-profile precedent before the divorce. It all happened a long time ago, when Christina and I realized that we were completely different people. I don’t know how to explain it. Over time, feelings weaken, everything goes away, and you understand: you are from different worlds “.

Main PHOTO: personal Instagram page of Christina Asmus


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