Kristopher Letang and Renaud Lavoie launch their podcast

TVA Sports has struck a good blow by securing the services of Kristopher Letang.

The star defenseman of the Pittsburgh Penguins will co-host Renaud Lavoie on the weekly “Lavoie & Letang” podcast, powered by TVA Sports.

The subject of their podcast will be NHL news. Letang can therefore discuss with his player point of view from inside the game.

It will air every Wednesday. It will begin on February 24, which is next week.

TVA Sports wants to turn to this strategy in order to develop the digital side.

These podcasts are part of TVA Sports’ strategic shift announced a few months ago. By developing more digital content, the sports channel is fully in line with the habits and profile of today’s sports consumers. – Louis-Philippe Neveu, Managing Director of TVA Sports

I can’t wait to see which topics will be covered and which will not. After all, as a Penguins player, he has a unique perspective on the situation the Pennsylvania side are going through right now. Will he talk about it or will he analyze the NHL without touching the Penguins in depth?

Will he talk about transaction rumors about him? From those of its captain?

The question is valid. Having said that, I would be amazed to see him go there.

That said, I will be listening, that’s clear.

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