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Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana gave a special lecture to Medical student-nurse, Suranaree University

Krom Phra Sri SawangKawattana special lectureTo the students of medical-nurse University.Suragirl

on January 6th Professor Dr. Somdet Chaofa Krom Phra Sri SawangKawattana WorakattiRajanaree President of Chulalongkorn UniversityPornHis Highness left at the Throne Hall, Thip Phiman Palace. He gave a special lecture on the occurrence of cancer. Oncogenesis bestowed upon first-year medical students 2 Nursing student, first year 3 public health student, first year 1 graduate studies and health science personnel University of TechnologySuraNaree for the academic year 2564 quantity 104 people through electronic media (online) In this regard, Associate Professor Dr.Anan Thongra-a, President of the University of TechnologySuraNaree listened to the report and expressed her gratitude.

for this course will be described in 7The main topic, by today’s royal lecture on 2 Topics include An overview of cancer incidence and the biology of cancer cell growth. which is based on geneticsand topic Different stages of cancer and related mechanismsThis course is very important for medical students. Because cancer is currently the leading cause of death in the country and tends to have an increasing incidence steadily.

In the first topic, His Highness gave an overview of cancer incidence and the biology of cancer cell growth. The incidence of cancer is caused by many factors. both from genetics, environment and lifestyle, including exposure to chemicals viruscancer and radiation. He also described the characteristics of cancer cells which are different from normal cells. There is an incessant division of samples. increase the number endlessly invasion and spread to other tissues due to a change in the waybiodifferent molecules and biochemistry leading to discoverygenethat may be an important starting point for cancer called OngCogenes, or cancer genes, and genes that act against the proliferation and growth of cancer cells. inhibition of cancer cell division control And the development of cancer treatments can be achieved through targeted therapies.

in the headArticle No. 2 His Highness gave a lecture on the topic Different stages of cancer and related mechanismsabout the multistage cancer process, including the initial stage (Initiation) Formation stage (Promotion) and dispersion stage(Progression) All of which are complex in themselves. The initial stage is about the mechanism of chemical cancer. which at this time cannot be fully understood but believes that it can be separated into 2Form is the mechanism by which DNA is directly destroyed or altered. mutate and later become cancerous cells This is considered the initial stage of the cancer process. But a normal human body can repair DNA. or genes with enzymes before cells divide so it can maintain its original condition which structural abnormalities in this DNA It is the starting point for the misdirection of cell division and function control processes. Others include a substanceflatbreastXin Aflatoxin It is a mycotoxin found in different types of grains. any substanceNitroSamine that is often found in foods such as fermented fish, shrimp paste, and some beverages.andMechanisms that do not directly destroy DNA This mechanism is changed in the system involved in controlling the expression ofgene which leads to cancer

which throughout the lecture given today His Highness gave an example to make students understand the content. and lessons are easier And all are grateful to His Majesty’s dedication and preparation for teaching fully. counted as the greatest grace

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