Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana presided over the meeting Animal Health Project, people are safe from rabies

16 Sep. 21 – Time 14.00 Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Chulabhorn Walailak empress Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana Worakatiya Rajanari Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presided over the meeting of the committee to drive disease-free animals, safe people from rabies according to His Majesty’s determination, Professor Dr. Somdej Chaofa. Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana Worakatiyarajanaree No. 1/2564 via electronic media with important agenda To monitor the project performance in the fiscal year 2021 and consider the project implementation plan in the fiscal year 2022

Disease-free animals project. People are safe from rabies. It is a project based on the wishes of Professor Dr. Somdej Chaofa. Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana Worakatiya Rajanari He is aware of the importance of the rabies problem in Thailand. and concerned about the health of Thai people as well as pets homeless animals His Majesty wishes for rabies to be eliminated from Thailand in a sustainable way. according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization

In the past, Thailand has seen a large number of rabies cases and deaths from rabies. After implementing the project from 2017 to the present, the number of deaths from rabies has decreased dramatically. This is consistent with the decrease in the number of rabies sick animals as a result of the integration of various agencies involved. Under the direction of the Buddha’s policy and supervision and the committee to drive the implementation of the project

Currently, the project is in Phase 2, with a duration of five years, from fiscal year 2021 to 2025, with the goal of continuing to work on the sustainable eradication of rabies from Thailand. In 2021, from the beginning of the year until now 4 deaths from rabies have been found so far, and with the limitation of operations under the 2019 coronavirus epidemic situation from 2020 to the present, rabies vaccination and neutering of pets are likely to be trending. falling This may result in an increase in rabies in animals. and will affect health public safety

The meeting therefore resolved to allow all parties to expedite the implementation of each strategy. When the situation of the coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic is resolved by adjusting various operating patterns appropriately, taking into account the safety of the people. and staff working in the field. The meeting also approved the implementation plan in fiscal year 2022, a total of 72 projects under 8 strategies and has a joint implementation guideline in 4 issues: 1. Creating a rabies-free area. 2. Systematic management of the entire country’s pet population 3. Encouraging the private sector and society Participate in solving problems and 4. Resolving rabies problems along the border in order to make Thailand a sustainable rabies-free area.


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