Krumate Edition’ Korean version scheduled to be released in winter

[자료제공 : 에이치투 인터렉티브]

H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as H2 INTERACTIVE, CEO Jun-ha Heo) is a member of Innersloth LLC’s party game ‘Among us’, a Korean version of the main game, various contents, and privileges. Edition (Among Us: Crewmate Edition)’ package will be officially released this winter for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

‘Irmon Earth’ is a party game of teamwork and betrayal in which several players have to play together and find an imposter hidden among the crew members. 4 to 15 players can participate in the game through online as well as local play, and the crew members must find an imposter disguised as a crew member while preparing the ship.

Also, one or a few of the crew members are imposters disguised as crew members, and they destroy the crew members and interfere with the ship’s preparation for departure.

Irmont Earth: Crumate Edition

– Main game and DLC for the Korean version of ‘Irmon Earth’

– 3D lenticular case

– 6 types of PC/Smartphone wallpapers

– MIRA HQ Holographic Access Card (1 random out of 12 types)

– Imposter syndrome sticker

– SKELD map poster


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