Krups Dolce Gusto Genio S Touch test: the iconic coffee maker updated

The new generation of Dolce Gusto coffee makers does not break with the previous versions. All in curves, the Genio S Touch takes up the aesthetic codes of the brand and is very compact. Neither wide nor deep, this small machine will have no trouble finding its place on a worktop. Like all Dolce Gusto coffee makers before it, it’s completely covered in good quality plastic except for the cup rest. At this price, we still expected a little more noble materials, such as stainless steel.

Compactness requires, the water tank relegated to the rear is also very small (0.8 l). A low capacity which necessarily leads to regular recharging. And as such, replenishing water is not the easiest, since the tank does not have a handle. It must therefore be taken carefully with both hands. We have known more practical. Moreover, the only security that Dolce Gusto has put in place is a small cover which is supposed to prevent water from escaping. When there is not enough in the tank, the machine blocks the preparation and the LEDs start to flash. After restocking, the machine resumes the brewing cycle where it left off.

All automatic Dolce Gustos work in the same way: just insert a capsule and select the amount of water on the control panel – the amount is indicated on the capsule you insert. Since leaving the Movement, 8 cup lengths are available (including XL format).

For each drink, it is possible to modify the temperature on 4 levels; the led lights up in blue, pink, orange or red depending on the level selected. According to the manufacturer, temperatures vary between 60 ° C and 80 ° C depending on the level. This promise is well kept since we noted an extraction temperature between 61 and 65 ° C at the coldest level, between 68 and 72 ° C at the second level, between 74 and 77 ° C at the third level and finally between 80 and 82 ° C at maximum temperature.

The control panel features the Expresso Boost function which changes the extraction method. The pre-perforation of the capsule makes it possible to pre-moisten the coffee grounds before extraction; there is thus more contact between the water and the coffee. This process is supposed to provide a stronger coffee in aromas only, not caffeine. To start this mode, it is necessary to use capsules with a water level between 1 and 3. This in fact affects the preparation time of a coffee, but we will come back to it.

With his capsule holder he inaugurated on the Lumio and theExpert, Dolce Gusto had succeeded in alleviating the phenomenon of drip from which all the brand’s coffee makers suffer. In fact, each Dolce Gusto machine continues to drip at the end of a preparation, until the user has removed the used capsule. Unfortunately, the Genio S Touch does not include this capsule holder and, like its predecessors, it tends to drip. Note that it is necessary to eject the used capsule after each preparation. Dolce Gusto does not provide a capsule collector inside the machine – as some Nespresso offer.

Because the machine is capable of brewing both espressos and XL coffees, the cup rest adjusts in height (two levels) depending on the selected cup.

Points forts

  • Design compact.

  • Ease of use.

  • 4 temperature levels.

  • Fast preheating and extraction.

  • Availability and variety of capsules.

  • Quiet machine.

Weak points

  • Excessive plastic.

  • Water tank impractical.

  • Dripping machine.


we tested we liked

With the Genio S Touch, Dolce Gusto timidly renews its catalog. Compact, fast, easy to use and quiet, this coffee maker has the right points. However, we tick on the entirely plastic coating and we get annoyed by the phenomenon of drip, common to many Dolce Gustos.

Sub Notes

  • Ease of use

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Speed

  • Power consumption

  • Noise

  • Availability of capsules

  • Taste of readers

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