Kruse on Metzelder: “Punish people who evade taxes much harder”

Soccer Kruse zu Metzelder judgment

“We punish people who evade taxes much harder”

Union Berlin striker Max Kruse is the father of a ten-year-old son who lives with his mother in the United States

Union Berlin striker Max Kruse is the father of a ten-year-old son who lives with his mother in the United States

Source: dpa / Andreas Gora

Union Berlin striker Max Kruse joins the chorus of the indignant – and sharpens the tone. The sentence on probation for Christoph Metzelder because of the passing on of child and youth pornographic files is far too mild in his view.

Dhe verdict against Christoph Metzelder is encountering increasing displeasure in the football industry. After Lukas Podolski (“The punishment does not do justice to the offense.”) And Mario Götze (“I find it difficult to understand reasons for reducing the sentence for such disgusting acts”), Union Berlin star Max Kruse has now also got involved – and tightened the tone again.

At the streaming video portal “Twitch” he said: “If all of this happened as it is in the media, then it is more than disgusting. Regardless of whether they are prominent or not, whoever does something like that should be locked away for life. “

The former national player and Federal Cross of Merit Metzelder was sentenced to a ten-month suspended prison sentence on Thursday. The 40-year-old had confessed to having owned and forwarded child and youth pornographic files.

Metzelder: The fascination was in crossing borders

During the trial, Metzelder reported taking screenshots of preview images of incriminated files on freely accessible sites. “I exchanged extreme fantasies in the chat,” he said. The fascination “lay in the crossing of borders”, not in the depictions of the most serious sexual abuse themselves. There were neither attacks on children and young people, nor were any planned. “That only happened in a digital parallel world,” he said. He sent the files “although I know the unspeakable suffering for children behind every file”.

“Will have to live with this guilt as part of society for the rest of my life”

Soccer vice world champion Christoph Metzelder has made a partial confession before the Düsseldorf District Court. “I accept the punishment and ask forgiveness from victims of sexual violence. I will have to live with this guilt as part of society for the rest of my life, ”said Metzelder.

Source: WELT / Jens Reupert

The public prosecutor’s office had demanded 14 months probation, the court had promised ten to twelve months during a legal hearing in the almost two-hour break. The deal: criminal agreement against confession. But the public prosecutor’s office blocked itself.

Back in the public hearing, the judge announced that she would not deviate significantly from the amount of the penalty just because the parties had not come to an agreement. That was the moment when Metzelder spoke up and made a prepared partial confession.

District judge Astrid Stammerjohann stated in her judgment that Metzelder had already been punished by the proceedings. “The particular public interest is the downside of its notoriety. He should neither be able to pursue his professional activity nor take part in public life for the foreseeable future. For me he also showed real remorse, ”the judge said.

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The media coverage was an anticipated punishment of the not previously convicted Metzelder. This must have a mitigating effect. He had completed therapy at an early stage and it was to be expected that he would not commit any more criminal offenses in the future. Because of this, so the message, she stayed at the lower end of the self-imposed penalty framework.

Union attacker Kruse showed no understanding. “We punish people who evade taxes much harder than those disgusting people who send something around, do something like that. This is absolutely disgusting, and we just have to try to do something about it and get up and develop a presence that has to make much bigger waves in the media. So that our politicians can finally get their asses up and change the law, ”said the 33-year-old. He has a child himself, “and I don’t even want to imagine what happens … I don’t even want to imagine how I would react if it happened to my child”.

Metzelder’s lawyer Ulrich Sommer left it open on Thursday whether his client would accept the judgment. It is not yet final. There is a week to appeal.


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