Kudryavtseva dressed up her daughter in a white mini-skirt for a walk in Dubai

The TV presenter is on vacation with her family in Dubai. She took Maria Makarova to the Flower Park in Dubai.

Lera Kudryavtseva with her daughter. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/

Lera Kudryavtseva is one of the most famous TV presenters in the country. She hosts several programs, including “Secret in a Million”. The blonde does not hide that she works a lot. She is also often invited to host concerts and other events.

However, she spent the New Year with her family. For his daughters of Mary the star with her husband Igor Makarov arranged a home holiday, as well as fireworks.

And now Kudryavtseva resting in Dubai… Her January trip was canceled last year, but now she is catching up. Together with her daughter, the TV presenter spends time on the beach and also walks.

On January 10, she decided to take the baby to the large Flower Park. For such an occasion, Lera herself put on an outfit with a camouflage print. But she dressed up her heiress in a white mini-skirt, a Barbie-colored sweater and black sandals.

Little Maria walked through the park and smelled flowers. She also held a balloon in her hands. Kudryavtseva showed her sculptures from plants and a real castle. The crumb every now and then invited her mother to look at the flowers.

Fans admired the star’s daughter. Many noted that she looks like her mother. “What are cool”, “Well, just wonderful”, “Oh, what are cute”, “Maria is a very sweet flower”, “Well, a doll”, “What a pretty girl you have”, “Little fashionista is growing”, “What a beautiful child “, – the subscribers commented on the post.

Lera Kudryavtseva with her daughter. Photo: instagram.com/leratv/

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