kuwait curfew: Will curfew be imposed in Kuwait? New regulations, all you need to know – no plans to close the country’s main airport or impose a curfew in Kuwait


  • The working capacity of employees in government institutions will be reduced by 50 per cent
  • The number of employees coming to work in the private sector should be reduced
  • The number of employees required for each institution can be decided by the respective institution

Kuwait City: New restrictions in the country due to a record increase in Kovid cases. Kovid restrictions will come into effect in the country from Wednesday. Kuwaiti government spokesman Tariq al-Masram said the curfew should not be imposed at this time.

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“There are no plans to close or impose a curfew on the country’s main airport, two of the most drastic measures the country has taken in the past to prevent the spread of Kovid in the country,” said Tariq al-Masram, a spokesman for the Kuwaiti government.

In addition, the cabinet said that the working capacity of employees in government institutions should be reduced by 50 per cent. The number of employees coming to work in the private sector should be reduced.

The number of employees required for each institution can be decided by the respective institution. However, the working capacity should be less than 50%. People working in nurseries and children’s clubs should make sure they are vaccinated. Health and safety standards must be met.

The number of domestic meetings will be reduced and the essential meetings will be made online. On public transport buses, the number of passengers is only half the number of seats. In addition, the Sports Authority must ensure that spectators arriving at sports grounds comply with health and safety guidelines.

Admission to barber shops, beauty parlors and health clubs is restricted to those who have been vaccinated and meet health and safety standards. This can be done online instead of going directly to services at government agencies. Direct presence must be booked in advance if necessary.

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At the same time, the collection of fingerprints for registration of attendance at government institutions in the country has been stopped. The new decision comes as a precaution against the spread of Kovid. The decision rests with the Civil Service Commission.

In Kuwait, meanwhile, the daily number of Kovid positive cases exceeds 4,000. On January 11, 4397 people were diagnosed with the disease. The daily figures released by the Ministry of Health indicate that the number of Kovid cases in Kuwait will increase significantly in the coming days. With this, the number of active cases in the country has increased to 24,659. A death due to Kovid was also confirmed in the country on Tuesday. There are 162 patients in Kovid wards and 15 in the intensive care unit. The test positivity rate is 11.7 percent. The Ministry of Health urged everyone to take health precautions and those with symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath should avoid contact with others.


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